I am a classically trained, PMA®-Certified Pilates Teacher. I chose to become certified through White House Pilates, in Manhattan Beach, because of the direct lineage Caroline Londergan has with Joseph Pilates, making me a 3rd generation instructor. In the Fall of 2015, I decided to build onto my training, and became a Pre and Post-Natal Specialist through The Center for Women’s Fitness.  

When I took my first Pilates class in the Fall of 2013, I could barely walk out of the studio. It was as if I had never worked out before, every single muscle in my body shook. It took me one, sweat filled, 50 minute session, to fall in love with the practice. The following Spring, I began my certification at WHP. All of 2014 was spent in the studio, studying, practicing, and refining my technique. The more I practiced, the more I knew I was headed down the right path. This was something that I wanted to teach everyone, because it is for everyone. Pilates fuels my mind and body, and I saw the effects almost immediately. It gave me the strength and awareness to have a better yoga practice and beach volleyball game - my other two passions. 

One of the many benefits of Pilates, is that you are constantly learning about your own body, finding new challenge points every time you practice. There are standard classical moves, but also a plethora of variations that you can add into the mix, making each session different from the last. I do my best to make sure my clients are challenged, and learning something new week to week. In my group classes, I create workouts that are specific to individual needs, but also dynamic enough to work on as a group.

I encourage you to reach out with any questions you might have, or if you are feeling slightly intimidated by the practice itself, let's talk.  I am here to help and look forward to connecting!

~ Claire